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Scout tracks down the source of slow database queries, memory leaks, and custom code for you.

Ruby on Rails, Elixir, and Python BETA app monitoring that developers love.

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Detailed health metrics

Scout tracks the key health metrics you'd expect for every web endpoint and background job. Long-running metrics are kept for common Ruby dependencies as well: ActiveRecord, Redis, Elasticsearch, and more.

Fine-grained traces

Our transaction traces break down time and memory allocations with precision. You'll find critical context with each trace: ample backtraces, flags on N+1 queries, number of ActiveRecord rows returned, and more.

Hassle-free pricing

Our clear pricing is based on your app's transaction volume, decoupling your architecture from per-server pricing. Auto-scale and containerize as you wish. There's no long-term commitments. Cancel anytime.

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"We liked New Relic but we love Scout!" - Aaron Scruggs, VP of Engineering, AcademicWorks

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