Server Monitoring for your fast-moving dev team.

When you've graduated from free tools, try Scout.

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Scout is the choice of DevOps pros.

Free monitoring tools get you off the ground. Scout is a tool for the next step.

Over half of Nagios, New Relic, and Zabbix users that deploy Scout become paying customers.

Instant Monitoring.

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Automagically monitors key metrics.

Scout collects key performance metrics automatically: CPU, Memory, Disk, Network, and process data are gathered from every server. Go from zero to 100% visibility in minutes.

Monitors your apps with our 90+ plugins.

Scout's plugin-based architecture makes it infinitely flexible. Our 90+ plugins monitor the staples like PostgreSQL, Nginx, and Redis and you can easily extend with your own. Best of all, most plugins can be configured with just a button click (or two).

Simple Install.

Just install our agent and you've got monitoring. You'll be up and running quickly with our simple bash installer, Chef, Ansible, or Puppet instructions. You can even tweak how Scout monitors your different server roles without a complicated config syntax.

Drool-worthy Dashboards

Your key performance metrics have never looked better.

Let's build a dashboard in under 60 seconds.


Elastic Filtering

Your charts stay updated as your servers come and go. Filter by environment, server role, or server name (of course, we support regexes and wildcards).

Realtime charts with one-second resolution

Just click the icon to switch to realtime mode, updating your charts with fresh data every second.

Drag + Drop. Resize.

Build your dashboards exactly how you need them.


Easily provide access to dashboards to those outside your regular dev team.

Aggregrate across servers

Have dozens of servers? Scout handles displaying metrics across many servers on a chart with ease.

Travel in time

View 30 days of high-resolution, one-minute updates and a year of daily summaries.

Sophisticated Alerting

MySQL Slow Queries Exceed 10/min
Disk Space Used > 90%
HAProxy Error Rate > 100/min
Scout watches your data, analyzing it for spikes and trends.
When things go wrong, you’ll hear about it via email, SMS, or one of our notification integrations.

Flexible thresholds

Going beyond simple threshold alerts, Scout also watches for significant trends in your data. For example, did the amount of free disk space go down dramatically in the last hour? Did the number of slow DB queries increase significantly relative to last week?

Multiple notification options

From the basics (email and SMS) to the more advanced (webhooks, Pagerduty, Hipchat, etc), it's easy to integrate Scout's notifications into your team's workflow.

Notification groups

Scout's Notification Groups make it easy to use different notification channels for different alert priorities (for example, use SMS for urgent notifications and email for warning notifications).

Leading companies depend on Scout.

Over the last 24 hours, we've processed 1,000,000,000 metrics, sent 10,0000 alerts, and rendered 100000 dashboards for 10,000+ happy developers.

didip “Scout's flexible alerting, intuitive charts and dashboards, and first-class support brought a grateful end to our previous monitoring jumble of Nagios-Cacti-Zabbix.” Didip Kerabat, DevOps at Kongregate

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Extend with Plugins.

Plugins back

Don't mess with scripts.

Added Memcached to your app servers? It's one-click and zero deploys to start monitoring it. In most cases there's no reason to SSH onto your servers to monitor.

90+ open-source plugins.

From Apache to Zookeeper, we likely have you covered. All plugins in our directory are open-source, and many were created by members of our active community.

Write your own plugins.

If you need custom monitoring functionality, it's easy to write a new plugin. Plugins are small Ruby programs that run each time the agent runs. Scout plugins tend to be very small and easy to work with.

Scout heart Devops

Large environment? A breeze with one-click updates.

Need to change an alerting threshold across your database servers? One click. Adding a plugin to your application servers? One click.

Scout’s roles-based approach keeps monitoring in-sync across your evolving server footprint.

Cloud-friendly provisioning

Just install Scout’s lightweight agent - there’s no separate monitoring server to manage. Scout automatically monitors new servers when they come online.

Using configuration management tools? We've got you covered with a Chef recipe and a Puppet module.

Manage roles, not servers

Scout's roles-based approach makes monitoring forty servers as easy as monitoring four. Instead of updating monitoring settings on individual servers, just update the role settings. Everything stays in sync.

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