Slow Queries? We'll help tune your database.

Identify expensive queries, missing indexes, and increasing workloads with ease.

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More time building, less time database-optimizing.

Let's solve those database woes.

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We're adding database monitoring to our existing monitoring agents for Ruby & Elixir apps. See more details on our technical plans via GitHub.

It's not you - growing apps have database issues. When your team releases fast, tracking down the root cause of a database problem can feel like repairing a Boeing Dreamliner engine. In-flight.

It doesn't have to be this way. Scout solves database woes:

Help everyone on your team spend more time doing what they love - building - with Scout.

Great for operations teams.

You've built a resilient system, but even a great architecture can't stand up to unplanned resource-hogging queries and changing workloads.

Scout identifies new resource-hogging queries and the developers to talk to when things go sideways. No more 2am "@everyone" mentions in Slack.

Great for developers.

It's hard to know how database queries will perform when they run against a production database. There's no perfect staging or development environment. Scout identifies problems for you quickly, eliminating "death by a thousand cuts" that so often characterizes degrading database performance.