Monitoring for the modern development team.

No developer ever said "I hope I get to spend all day hunting down a performance issue". When the unavoidable happens, The Scout platform is focused on finding the root cause of performance problems as quickly as possible.

Scout is monitoring for fast-moving dev teams like us. We leverage the tools that help us get big things done - Github, PaaS services, dynamic languages, frequent releases - to build a tailored monitoring platform for modern teams.

Our battle-hardended monitoring platform ensures mission-critical web apps stay healthly for big names like Apple, The New York Times, Sendgrid, and Adobe.

Scout was founded by Derek Haynes and Andre Lewis.

The Scout Team

  • Derek Haynes
    Derek Haynes
    Co-founder & CEO
  • Dave Anderson
    Dave Anderson
  • Chris Scheinder
    Chris Schneider
  • Josh Sturgeon
    Josh Sturgeon
    Onboarding Engineer
  • Matt Aschmann
    Matt Aschmann
  • Megan Strahm
    Megan Strahm
    Office Manager

Scout Alumni

  • Andre Lewis
    Andre Lewis
    Scout Co-founder

Contact Us

Office Address

204 Walnut St Suite D
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524