Our Customers Love UsBelow are just a few.


“After comparing all the options, Scout is still the best at getting me the information I need, when I need it.”

— Drew Blas, Director of Technical Operations, Chargify

“Easy to use/customize dashboards. Easy to install agent. Bulletproof service.”

— Nathanial Gardner, Director of Engineering, Synctree
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“Detailed, real time insights into server performance and load.”

— Eric Tompkins, Founder, Aptuitiv

“We seriously save an unbelievable amount of time and sleep better because of Scout.”

— Ian Selby, Senior Development Manager, Barnes and Noble

“Scout is super simple to configure and use. It’s awesome that plugins are just Ruby, and easily customizable”

— John Shearar, DevOps Lead, Journey

“We had some wild days when we first launched. Scout gave us the big picture of where things were going wrong.”

— Andy Edwards, Founder, Geosnapshot

“Scout’s flexible alerting, intuitive charts and dashboards, and first-class support brought a grateful end to our monitoring jumble of Nagios-Cacti-Zabbix.”

— Didip Kerabat, DevOps Engineer, Kongregate

“Scout’s realtime graphs and dashboards have improved the way I diagnose system issues more than anything else I can think of recently.”

— Eric Lindvall, Founder & CEO, PaperTrail