Developer ResourcesBuild a tailored monitoring solution through custom plugins and Scout's API.


Custom Plugins

With a couple of lines of Ruby, you'll be able to monitor anything. Create your first Scout plugin in minutes.



Easily integrate Scout into your workflow: assign roles, adjust notifications, and more.

  "id": 999999,
  "time": "2012-03-05T15:36:51Z",
  "server_name": "Blade",
  "server_hostname": "blade",
  "lifecycle": "start", // can be [start|end]


Scout can perform an HTTP POST (a webhook call) when a trigger generates an alert.

Scout Plugins Source
Browse existing plugins.
Scout API Source
The scout_api gem provides API access to Scout.
Scout Agent Source
View the Scout Agent code.
Google Group
Scout-related discussion and troubleshooting.
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