"We liked New Relic but we love Scout."

- aaron Aaron Scruggs, VP of Engineering, AcademicWorks

The no-contract, no-hassle, New Relic Alternative preferred by 7 of 10 Rails teams.

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Why are Rails devs switching to Scout?

  • A clutter-free UI
    Showing what matters - and filtering out what doesn't - is critically important when navigating through performance woes. We think you'll notice it in details like this (but if you don't, tell us).
  • Instruments Sidekiq, ActiveRecord, and more
    With no work on your part, Scout instruments Sidekiq, ActiveRecord, Mongo, Redis, ElasticSearch, and more.
  • Slow database query analysis
    Scout hunts down expensive N+1 queries, tracks the number of ActiveRecord rows returned, and compares slow queries against their performance in faster requests.
  • A powerful GitHub integration
    There's more to resolving performance woes than instrumentation. Via our GitHub integration, Scout connects poor-performing code to the developers and commits behind it.
  • Memory leak detection
    Memory woes are a first-class citizen in Scout: we identify memory-hungry requests and the source of allocation hotspots in your code. Checkout this real-world GitHub issue to see the results.

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"Scout helped me pinpoint slowdowns to the line of code level within minutes of signing up." - Corey Martin, Senior Rails Developer

Why is Scout a great New Relic Alternative?

Lower overhead than New Relic

Our agent technology is engineered for high-throughput, mission-critical apps. Scout adds virtually undetectable overhead to your app in production.

Hassle-free pricing

Scout is more affordable than New Relic pricing: $59/mo per-server with no long-term commitments. Cancel anytime. We also offer request-based pricing for containerized apps.

More intelligent traces

New Relic limits transaction traces to requests that exceed 2 seconds. Scout provides transaction traces across response times so you can compare performance to the norm.

Identifies memory bloat

Scout instruments object allocations in addition to timing metrics: easily identify memory hotspots in your code. New Relic does not provide memory traces.

More backtraces to slow code

Measuring is ½ the battle: you need the path to the source code to fix slow hotspots. Scout provides backtraces to expensive N+1 queries - New Relic does not.

Scout runs `git blame` on slow code

Sometimes finding the right person to fix an issue is 90% of the problem: Scout's GitHub Integration identifies the authors behind performance bottlenecks in your Rails app.

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"Scout is more affordable, more usable, and much less crufty than New Relic, our old monitoring solution." - Clint Bishop, CTO, Healcode

Why choose a best-of-breed app performance service?

Combine a few excellent tools with Scout for a monitoring solution your team & budget will love.

  • Error Monitoring

    There are several great services that provide more details on errors at faster alerting rates than what New Relic provides. One of our favorites is Sentry, which starts at just $29/mo for true realtime error monitoring.

  • Server Monitoring

    Scout's own server monitoring provides an easy, extendable, StatsD-compatible service for monitoring your servers. Pricing starts at $15/mo per-server.

  • Browser Monitoring

    Affordable Real User Monitoring (RUM) services have been around for years. For example, Pingdom provides RUM, uptime, and transaction monitoring starting at around $11/mo.

We know your time is valuable - don't hesitate to email us at support@scoutapp.com to see if Scout might be a good fit.