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Log Watcher

By Yaroslav Lazor, Kevin Lawver (6927 installs)
Monitors a given log file, reporting the rate of occurrences of a provided term.

Processor statistics (mpstat)

By Yaroslav Lazor (4009 installs)
Reports the following MP statistics : user, nice, sys, iowait, irq, soft, steal, idle, intrps

Network connections

By Andrew Barringer (3938 installs)
Counts network connections on specific ports you specify. Also summarizes connections by type (udp, tcp, and unix).

Advanced Process Monitoring

By Scout, Eric Lindvall (3826 installs)
Monitors the memory and cpu usage of a process, generating an alert if it exceeds a specified threshold.

Disk Inode Usage

By Josh Nichols (3450 installs)
Tracks inode usage (inodes used, capacity used, etc).


By Eric Lindvall (3304 installs)
Tracks the amount of memory and number of pages being read from and written to the swap space. This information can be more useful than just how much data is in your swap space because it measures churn.

Simple Process Check

By Scout (2716 installs)
Checks for the presence of one or more processes (based on a list you provide), and raises an alert if some of the processes are not present.

URL Monitoring

By Scout, Eric Lindvall (2499 installs)
Monitors the availability of a URL, sending an alert if the URL is not reachable.

Check NTP Time

By Didip Kerabat, Eric Lindvall (2429 installs)
Checks the clock offset between the local host and a remote NTP server.

EC2 monitor

By Ken Everett (1937 installs)
Reports network latency between servers, virtualization steal %, and EBS performance for EC2 & EBS.

MySQL Query Stats

By Eric Lindvall (1666 installs)
Returns statistics on MySQL connections and select, delete, insert, and update operations.

Nginx monitoring

By Luc Castera, Jean-Luc Geering (1373 installs)
Monitors Nginx, reporting the total # of handled requests, the request throughput, and the number of active, reading, writing, and keep-alive connections.

TCP Socket State

By Eric Lindvall (1292 installs)
Measures the number of sockets in each socket state. This can be helpful in diagnosing issues with short-lived connections leading to socket starvation and rejected connections.

Ruby on Rails Monitoring

By Scout (1023 installs)
Monitors a Ruby on Rails application's performance, providing a breakdown of slow requests and a detailed daily performance report. Nothing to install in your Rails app - just provide a full path to the log file.

MongoDB Server Status

By John Nunemaker, Mike Fiedler (985 installs)
Reports server status metrics for a MongoDB server (query rate, btree miss ratio, connections, etc).

MongoDB Database Stats

By John Nunemaker, Mike Fiedler (934 installs)
Monitors a specific MongoDB database, reporting metrics on index, storage size, number of objects, etc.

Redis Monitoring

By Matt Todd, Ches Martin, and Josh Nichols (914 installs)
Monitors a Redis database, reporting commands per-second, connections per-second, Used Memory, and more.

HAProxy Monitoring

By Scout, Eric Lindvall (864 installs)
Monitors HAProxy, reporting the request rate, error rate, and proxy status for the specified proxy.

RabbitMQ Queue Monitoring

By Erik Wickstrom (663 installs)
Monitors a given RabbitMQ Queue

Puppet Last Run

By Didip Kerabat (657 installs)
Reports the status of the last Puppet run.

Memcached Monitor

By Jesse Newland, Jon Bracy (590 installs)
Provides stats on your memcached instance, including gets/ sets/ hits/ misses/ evictions/ per second, uptime, memory used, KB read per second, KB written per second, and more.

Apache Load

By Will Ronco (550 installs)
Monitors Apache traffic, reporting throughput, busy workers, and idle workers.


By Jason Lee and Eric Lindvall (544 installs)
Tracks Passenger's VM size, process count, private memory usage, the number of application instances currently alive, the number of instances that are currently processing requests, and the number of idle instances.

Apache Log Analyzer

By Scout (500 installs)
Provides statistics from an Apache access log: request distribution by hour, most popular URIs, traffic sorted by sum, and traffic sorted by mean. Just install this plugin in Scout and provide the full path to the Apache access log file.

Simple Port Check

By Scout (452 installs)
Check that a list of provided host:ports accept TCP connections.

MySQL Slow Queries

By Forumwarz (444 installs)
Monitors for slow MySQL queries and generates an alert when the slow query rate increases dramatically.

Timestamp Monitor

By Chad Woolley (435 installs)
Checks the timestamp on a given file, generating an alert if the timestamp of the file is older than a given threshold.

MySQL Replication Monitor

By Mike Mangino, Andre Lewis (434 installs)
Monitors the replication for a master-slave MySQL database setup reporting the number of seconds the slave is behind the master.

JMX Monitoring

By David Dossot (338 installs)
Reports JMX values. By default, Heap and Non-Heap memory usage metrics are reported. Additional metrics can be specified in the plugin settings.


By Didip Kerabat (330 installs)
Report the synchronisation state of the NTP daemon running on the server.

MongoDB Replica Set Monitoring

By Kyle Banker and Mark Weiss (327 installs)
Provides overview stats of a MongoDB Replica Set and its individual nodes.

PostgreSQL monitoring

By Robert Coup of Koordinates (254 installs)
Provides a summary of PostgreSQL cluster query activity.

Elasticsearch Index Status

By John Wood of Signal (242 installs)
Reports stats on an elasticsearch index, including index size, number of documents, etc. Requires elasticsearch version 0.18.0 or greater.

Resque Monitoring

By Jesse Newland (233 installs)
Monitors Resque, a Redis-backed Ruby library for creating background jobs, placing those jobs on multiple queues, and processing them later.

Sidekiq Monitor

By Scott Klein (226 installs)
Reports key metrics for Sidekiq, a Ruby message processing library.

Generic JSON URI

By Kevin Lawver (216 installs)
A versatile plugin to report any data in JSON format to Scout. It can read http://, https://, local files, and more.

php-fpm status

By Ankur Bulsara, Chris Cinelli (210 installs)
Reads and parses the php-fpm status page.

Monitor /proc/mdstat

By Mark Hasse (198 installs)
Monitors /proc/mdstat for disk failures.

Nagios Wrapper

By Scout (198 installs)
A simple wrapper to execute a Nagios plugin and report the status and performance data output to Scout.

SSL Monitor

By Enrico Stahn (188 installs)
Monitors SSL certificate expiration

NSQ Monitoring

By James Zhang (180 installs)
Monitors NSQ, a realtime distributed messaging platform.

Elasticsearch Cluster Status

By John Wood of Signal (178 installs)
Reports stats on an elasticsearch cluster, including health (green, yellow, red), number of nodes, number of shards, etc.

LXC Monitoring

By Derek Haynes (153 installs)
Reports key container metrics.

Varnish Monitoring

By Erik Wickstrom, Joshua Tuberville, and Ali-Akber Saifee (145 installs)
Reports key Varnish metrics.


By Mike Fiedler (142 installs)
Reports ZooKeeper node stats - including whether the node is a leader or follower, latencies and traffic.

Delayed Job

By Lukas Rieder, Alexander Lang & Eric Lindvall (129 installs)
Monitors Delayed Job, a Database-backed asynchronous priority queue.

NFS Monitoring

By Andrew Johnson (116 installs)
Monitors the number of active NFS connections and the state of NFS processes.

RabbitMQ Overall Monitoring

By Erik Wickstrom (114 installs)
Monitors RabbitMQ, an enterprise messaging system based on the emerging AMQP standard.

Netfilter Connection Tracking

By Kevin Day (100 installs)
Measures nf_conntrack_count and nf_conntrack_max values of the Linux nf_conntrack module. Also calculates the %used of count/max values.

MongoDB Slow Queries

By Jacob Harris (99 installs)
Reports slow queries based on the threshold (100ms or greater) you specify. Provides details on queries that are slow.

Nagios Check RAID BETA

By Didip Kerabat (89 installs)
Checks all RAID volumes (hardware and software) that can be identified, reporting if there are any errors.

Elasticsearch Node Status

By John Wood of Signal (84 installs)
Reports stats on a node in the elasticsearch cluster, including size of indices, number of docs, memory used, threads used, garbage collection times, etc.

Sphinx Monitoring

By Sam Sinensky (81 installs)
Monitors Sphinx, an open-source SQL full-text search engine.

InnoDB Stats BETA

By Kevin Lawver (81 installs)
This plugin tracks the size of the buffer pool, usage and the read/write ratio.

Kestrel Queue Monitor

By Eric Lindvall (75 installs)
Monitors a specified Kestrel Queue.

Gearman Task

By Michael Mattax (51 installs)
The status of a specific Gearman task

Tomcat Monitor BETA

By Ken Everett (45 installs)
Reports request (avg/max) and throughput from the Tomcat log.

MariaDB Galera Cluster Monitor

By Kevin Lawver (39 installs)
Reports key MariaDB Galera Cluster metrics.

Solr Stats BETA

By Michael van Tellingen (36 installs)
Provides performance statistics on the Solr Search Server.

CouchDB Overall

By John Wood of Signal (35 installs)
Monitors CouchDB, a document-oriented database that can be queried and indexed in a MapReduce fashion using JavaScript.

uWSGI Monitoring

By Michael Vantellingen (24 installs)
Reports key uWSGI metrics.


By Kevin Lawver (22 installs)
Reports metrics for Beanstalkd, a simple, fast work queue.

Couchbase Stats

By Michael Biven (22 installs)
Reports stats on the couchbase node in the Couchbase cluster.

Percona Replication Lag BETA

By Patrick O'Brien (17 installs)
Monitor **slave replication lag** via pt-heartbeat, which is provided by the Percona toolkit. Percona's method is considered more reliable than MySQL's internal Seconds_Behind_Master metric.

Gearman Overview

By Michael Mattax (17 installs)
An overview of Gearman status.

Riak Stats - Core BETA

By Patrick O'Brien (13 installs)
Monitors a Riak database, reporting key metrics.

Java Heap Size BETA

By Ken Everett (12 installs)
Retrieves the Java heap size used out of jmap.

Riak Stats - FSM BETA

By Patrick O'Brien (12 installs)
Reports Riak Finite State Machine (FSM) time metrics

mod_pagespeed BETA

By Josh Nichols (11 installs)
Monitors mod_pagespeed, Google's Apache 2.x module for performing on-the-fly optimization in the Apacheâ„¢ 2 HTTP Server.

PostgreSQL Replication BETA

By Kevin Lawver (11 installs)
PostgreSQL Replication Monitoring

Celery Overall BETA

By Erik Wickstrom (10 installs)
This is a global view of your Celery system. It monitors and reports on how many workers you have running, total task results/state, and task results per minute/second.

Kestrel Overall Monitor

By Eric Lindvall (8 installs)
Monitors overall Kestrel stats

Logstash Elasticsearch Canary

By Derek Haynes (7 installs)
Executes a query against the Elasticsearch Logstash index to ensure it is functioning.

File Stat NEW

By Scout (7 installs)
Monitor whether a file exists and various attributes of that file. Also works on directories, links, pipes, sockets, device files.

Celery Tasks BETA

By Erik Wickstrom (6 installs)
Monitors the throughput of your 20 most active Celery tasks.

Docker Monitor BETA

By Matt Rose (6 installs)
Reports key metrics for docker containers

CouchDB Database

By John Wood of Signal (5 installs)
Monitors a specified CouchDB database.

Maatkit mk-heartbeat Monitor BETA

By Matt Griffith (4 installs)
Monitors mk-heartbeat.log for replication delay. mk-heartbeat.log is generated by the Maatkit 3rd-party utility.

Opsource Cloud Files BETA

By Evan Smith (4 installs)
Monitors an Opsource Cloud Files account, reporting bandwidth and storage metrics.


By Clint Nelissen (4 installs)
Reports key FreeRADIUS stats

Mongrel Cluster Monitor

By Highgroove Studios (2 installs)
Uses mongrel_rails cluster::status to determine if any mongrels in your cluster have gone down. Sends alerts and attempts to restart when mongrels go down.

Amazon SQS Status BETA

By Ankur Bulsara (2 installs)
Returns the size of the specified Amazon SQS queues.

Starling Monitor

By Mike Mangino (1 install)
Monitors the number of items in a starling queue, generating an alert if the maximum queue depth is exceeded for a given queue.

Solr Replication BETA

By Michael Grosser (1 install)
Monitors if Solr servers are replicating properly.

Heroku Dataclip

By Chad Woolley (1 install)
Monitor one or more Heroku Dataclips

Tungsten Monitoring BETA

By Ben Somers / (0 installs)
Monitors Tungsten status, replication roles, datasources, and latencies.

Celery Task Details BETA

By Erik Wickstrom (0 installs)
Monitors detailed stats on specific Celery task types (results/states, average runtime, etc).

Ceph Monitoring

By John Axel Eriksson (0 installs)
Monitors Ceph, reporting key metrics.

Check Ping NEW

By Andre Lewis (0 installs)
Reports a 1 or 0 depending on whether a specified host responds to ping.

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