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by Scout, Eric Lindvall

Monitors HAProxy, a TCP/HTTP load balancer, reporting the following data for a specified proxy:

  • Error Rate (per-min)
  • Proxy Status
  • Request Rate (per-min)
  • Active Servers
  • Sessions Active
  • Sessions Queued


Requires the fastercsv gem. To install:

sudo gem install fastercsv


Status URL

The plugin needs access to the CSV-formated version of the HAProxy Status page. A sample HAProxy stats page can be found here.

Click the “CSV export” link to see the page this plugin needs access to (a sample)

Proxy Name

The name of the proxy to monitor must be specified in the plugin settings. Proxies are listed in the haproxy.cfg file and on the status page.

Monitoring multiple proxies?

You can monitor multiple proxies by installing the plugin once for each proxy, specifying the proxy name in the plugin settings.

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