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Scout::Server::PluginTimeoutError: execution expired

The Rails Plugin is given 10 minutes to execute. If it fails to complete its run during this time the Scout Agent stops execution of the plugin.

This error most commonly occurs when generating the daily report using the Request Log Analyzer gem. It’s more likely to happen with large log files. Ensure you are using logrotate on your log files.

If the error persists (it may happen once per-day), try the following:

1. Create a cron job that runs once per-day and emails you the daily report. Make sure it runs before logrotate:

0 * * * * USER /usr/bin/request-log-analyzer PATH_TO_LOG —mail YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS -o HTML

2. Disable the daily report generation in the Scout Plugin by editing the plugin code and commenting out the following line (around line number 130):