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MySQL Stats w/MySQLTuner


Returns statistics on MySQL select, delete, insert, and update operations, and generates weekly MySQL tuning and performance recommendations.


Updated 3/25/2013This plugin has been deprecated and is replaced by the MySQL Query Stats Plugin. The new plugin removes the dependency on the mysql gem.


This plugin reports statistics on MySQL operations, and generates weekly MySQL tuning and performance recommendations.

Queries per-second are reported for the following operations:

  • Delete
  • Insert
  • Update
  • Select
  • Total Queries


The plugin generates weekly analysis and recommendations on your MySQL configuration using MySQLTuner. For example, the analysis will inform you if:

  • the amount of memory you have allocated to MySQL is appropriate
  • tables are fragmented and need to be optimized
  • query cache sizes, max heap sizes, or buffer pool sizes need adjusting
  • queries are requiring an excessive number of temp tables
  • … and much more!

View an example report »

The analysis is generated weekly, or on a frequency you specify through the plugin settings.


This plugin requires to mysql Ruby gem. To install:

gem install mysql

The MySQLTuner script does not need to be installed. It is included in the plugin code.

By Eric Lindvall