Plugins like this provide extra functionality beyond Scout's default monitoring capabilities. This and 90+ other plugins are available via a one-click install in our web interface.

MongoDB Monitoring


Monitors a MongoDB instance, reporting the query rate, memory & disk usage, index miss ratio, and other metrics.


Updated 3/21/2013The MongoDB Overview plugin has been split into 2 separate plugins: MongoDB Server Status and MongoDB Database Stats. The server status plugin reports global MongoDB metrics and the database stats plugin reports metrics specific to a particular database.

Monitors a MongoDB instance, reporting the metrics below.


  • Queries (per second)
  • Get mores (per second)
  • Deletes (per second)
  • Updates (per second)
  • Inserts (per second)

Index Counters:

  • Btree miss ratio
  • Btree accesses (per second)

General Stats:

  • Global lock ratio
  • Indexes
  • Index Size (bytes)
  • Storage size (bytes)
  • Data size (bytes)
  • Objects


  • Current
  • Available

Example Data


Requires the mongo gem. To install:

gem install mongo
By John Nunemaker, Mike Fiedler