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Scout is Rails app monitoring with three parts: one serving of performance metrics, a layer of analysis, and a generous helping of workflow improvements. These parts are carefully woven together to reduce the stress of identifying the root cause of Rails app performance woes.

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Deep Instrumentation.

Transaction Traces

Detailed, actionable transactions traces are the foundation of Scout. Our agent instruments the common Ruby gems and Rails app dependencies - ActiveRecord, Redis, Sidekiq, etc. - and a number of not-so-common dependencies as well.

Scout's tracing logic ties bottlenecks to source code to eliminate guess work. Instrumentation is combined with our one-of-kind profiler, ScoutProf, to profile your app's custom code without complex custom configuration.


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GitHub Integration

Scout connects problems to the developers that commited the code by annotating transaction traces with git blame output. Deploys are also associated with code contributors and the associated git tag or branch.

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Identifies the source of database and memory woes.

Performance Insights

Every stack frame of every trace is analyzed for memory bloat, slow database queries, trending poor performance, and more. The results are aggregated together and presented on your dashboard.

Scout works to identify critical problems that can't be detected with the human eye.


Actionable insights in your inbox.

Digest Email

Scout prevents performance problems from slipping through the cracks via a daily or weekly digest email. This email goes further than simple trends: our intelligence engine works to identify the source of problems so issues can quickly be resolved.


Enhanced deploy tracking.

Deploy Tracking

Easily identify correlations between deploys and performance with deploy tracking. In most cases, deploy tracking works out-of-the-box.

Deploy tracking goes beyond markers on charts: when our GitHub integration is enabled, you can easily see the developers with contributions to each deploy and view a diff of the changes on GitHub.


BetaAutomatically profiles your custom Ruby code.



Scout's profiler - ScoutProf - gives complete visibility to your app's performance: your custom hand-written Ruby classes and methods are profiled with no configuration on your part.

ScoutProf is safe for production usage and complements our default instrumentation.

Have your cake and eat it too: low overhead & high fidelity tracing.

Low Overhead

Our monitoring agent uses just a portion of the resources of existing app monitoring agents while providing higher-fidelity trace details.

The secret to low overhead? Our tracing algorithm. Our agent does more work on anomaly requests and decreases analysis on faster areas of your application code.

View more details on our performance benchmarks and the actual tests on GitHub.


Easily compare performance across time.

Time Comparisons

Compare yesterday's performance to today, the last hour vs. last week, this week vs. the prior month, etc. The choice is yours. Scout makes it easy to compare the performance of your entire app or just a specific endpoint to a prior period.

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Prevent performance issues as you code.


Just install the scout_apm gem too use our free development profiler, DevTrace. Prevent performance issues from even reaching production with our unobtrusive, in-browser performance profiler.